The deadliest disease in today world

Many times we have debated on list of deadliest diseases. But if we look into the root cause, we can easily figure out the cause of most deaths in the world is poverty. More people die of hunger, starvation and poverty than wars and accidents.

In our scenario, newborns are brought in distress into our Neonatal Unit. Almost everytime the problem is same, the parents are economically broke and there isn’t much they can do for their newborn, as they cannot afford NICU and medication charges. Many times we arrange Free beds but the problem is not solved with it. Even after the baby is discharged, he needs care and need to be nurtured.

The poverty is such severe that people come to Health Centres for Delivery, just to get Rs 1000 that government provides the mother under Safe Delivery program. Most of the time, we find, the parents are unprepared economically for any unexpected events at the time of delivery. If the newborn or the mother gets sick, the patients are unprepared for it. Only bearing a child is not a solution, the parents should be responsible enough and capable enough to bring up the child under atleast fair condition. A 16 year old father is in crisis after his wife delivers a preterm newborn, and this is the face of real scenario back here.

Most people here are dying of poverty. They are dying of simple diseases like Diarrhea, Pneumonia and treatable conditions like Neonatal sepsis. Malnutrition is omnipresent and is an amplifier of the risk of death and often itself is a cause of death. A small amount of saving for the time of crisis, a little aid from government can save thousand of lives of the future human resource of the nation, the children. Carelessness is even deadlier and unawareness is deadliest. Unaware of simple signs and symptoms of illness, often there is delay in seeking medical attention and such a delay can cost heavily. Health awareness and Education programs will certainly be helpful in poorer communities. A theme of Keeping a backup plan and a saving before delivering a baby should be promoted, as often people are unaware of the scenario that can arise.

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