Mnemonics in Pediatric medicine

Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease
Use your five fingers:
1 finger up: Truncus Arteriosus (1 vessel)
2 fingers up: Dextroposition of the Great Arteries (2 vessels transposed)
3 fingers up: Tricuspid Atresia (3=Tri)
4 fingers up: Tetralogy of Fallot (4=Tetra)
5 fingers up: Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return (5=5 words)

Very Sick Person Must Take Double Tablets- Onset of Rash after fever onset

Very – Varicella (day 1)
Sick – Scarlet fever (day 2)
Person – Pox – small pox (day 3)
Must – Measles (day 4)
Take – Typhus (day 5)
Double – Dengue (day 6)
Tablets – Typhoid (day 7)

Really Sick Children Must Try Duck Eggs!”
Appearance of rash in a febrile patient,
  • 1st day:   Rubella
  • 2nd day: Scarlet fever/ Smallpox
  • 3rd day: Chickenpox (1- 5 days)
  • 4th day: Measles (Koplik spots seen a day prior to the rash)
  • 5th day: Typhus & rickettsia (this is variable)
  • 6th day: Dengue (Morbilliform, over dorsum of hands and feet; trunk)
  • 7th day: Enteric fever (Rose spots over abdomen, flanks and back)

Neonatal Resuscitation- MR SOPA
M: Mask adjustment.
R: Reposition airway. (try again)
S: Suction mouth and nose.
O: Open mouth. (try again)
P: Pressure increase.
A: Airway alternative.

DOPE – Patient’s saturation drops on Ventilator- Check
Displacement of Tube
Obstruction due to secretion or blood
Equipment failure

VACTERL: Anomalies at birth – Sequence
Vertebral anomalies
Anorectal malformation
Cardiac anomaly
Tracheo-esophageal fistula
Exomphalos (aka omphalocele)
Renal anomalies
Limb anomalies

WILLIAMS: William Syndrome Features
Weight (low at birth, slow to gain)
Iris (stellate iris)
Long philtrum
Large mouth
Increased Ca++
Aortic stenosis (and other stenoses)
Mental retardation
Swelling around eyes (periorbital puffiness)

Russel Silver Syndrome- features
Asymmetric limb (hemihypertrophy)
Bossing (frontal)
Clinodactyly/ Cafe au lait spots
Dwarf (short stature)
Excretion (GU malformation)
Face (triangular face, micrognathia)

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