Eliciting the Primitive Neonatal Reflexes: Video article

Neonatal reflexes are the reflexes which are present at birth and have a predictable course of appearance and disappearance. A normally developing newborn should respond to certain stimuli with these reflexes, which eventually become inhibited as the child matures.

The List of reflexes that can be elicited in normal newborn are-

  1. Moros Reflex
  2. Rooting reflex
  3. Sucking reflex
  4. Grasp reflex
  5. Babinski reflex
  6. Asymmetric tonic nect reflex- ATNR
  7. Gallant reflex
  8. Stepping reflex
  9. Landau’s reflex
  10. Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex

Click on the image to view enlarged version.

After going through the table, you can now watch this video showing the commonly elicited neonatal reflexes and their significance.

Here is a helpful library on Pediatric neurology. 

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